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Schüler schreiben Short Stories

Im Rahmen des europaweiten Comenius-Projekts “Can Europe communicate?” erstellten die Schüler der Klasse EKTM Short Stories im Fach Englisch bei ihrem Lehrer Florian Bischofberger. Über mehrere Wochen erarbeiteten sich die heranwachsenden Autoren die Merkmale des Genres Kurzgeschichte, sammelten eigene Ideen für eine Handlung und setzten diese schließlich im Unterricht um. Im Folgenden soll nun eine der Geschichten vorgestellt werden. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Lesen!

“A Big Misunderstanding”

 by Aaron Gadzekpo

Last week a friend of mine told me a story which happened to his cousin who lives in Stuttgart, during the last summer holidays.
His cousin was 18 years old when he found the Facebook profile of the most graceful and stunningly beautiful girl he had ever seen. The first picture he saw showed her with some friends in front of Big Ben in London. Although he had fallen in love with her at the moment he saw her picture he did not dare to send her a friendship request at first. He thought that he didn’t even have a chance because she was obviously living in London or at least somewhere in England. But after two weeks during which he couldn’t even sleep without dreaming of her, he took together all of his courage and sent her a request. He couldn´t believe his eyes when he opened Facebook the next day and saw that she had accepted his request. He was so overwhelmed by his luck that he needed a few minutes to calm down. After he was able to think clearly again he wrote her, (luckily he was able to speak English very well) a short text about her picture on Facebook with Big Ben in the background and how good she looked in it. That was the beginning of a romantic love story, it turned out that my friend´s cousin and his new girlfriend fitted together perfectly. They wrote each other the whole night long and talked about God and the world. A further two weeks after, my friend´s cousin took together his courage once again and asked her whether she wanted to meet him. To his relief, she accepted and texted him her Address and added that her anticipation to their meeting was probably as big as his. They set a time and a place where to meet and full of new confidence he typed the name of her city into the glorious invention Google Maps. He was even more surprised when he couldn’t find a city in England with the name his girlfriend had just given him. Unfortunately she was offline again so he couldn´t ask her. Not wanting to wait until the next day, he tried to find a city with a similar name and after changing some letters, found one. A small village in the south eastern part of England. But, and that was the fact which gave him certainty, not far away from London, the city where he had seen her on a picture for the first time. Luckily, he still had some money left from his last part time job and was able to afford a flight ticket to London. After a one-hour flight from Stuttgart airport he arrived in London and took a cab to Sutton, that was the name of the city, you could even call it a suburb of London, where he expected to meet his new girlfriend. After another 30 minutes( London is a very busy city), he arrived in Sutton and gave the cab driver the address, which he now noticed sounded a little strange for England. And surprise, surprise, the address didn´t exist. The cab driver showed him a map of Sutton and he couldn’t even find anything which sounded at least a little like the address his girlfriend wrote him. He got out of the cab, switched on his smartphone and opened Facebook, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw what his girlfriend had posted 15 minutes ago: Again it was a picture showing her in front of an impressive building, but this time it was the TV-tower in Stuttgart. Now he was completely confused, the only thing he could write was “why are you in Stuttgart”. Was she just kidding him? Thousands of thoughts were flying through his brain. Her answer was even more confusing: She wrote that she was buying a present for him and added that she hoped he would arrive soon because she had already cooked some traditional food called “Spätzle mit Soß”. Below her answer he could see her last post containing the address she wrote him and gradually everything became clear. Could that be true? Just like in the moment she accepted his friendship request, he was overwhelmed by his feelings, but this time he couldn´t stop grinning about himself. Five minutes later he was able to write back, he wrote a long text explaining everything and it took the same time until she answered, but this time in German.
It turned out that my friend’s cousin was the victim of a great misunderstanding, committed by himself: In the moment he saw the picture showing his girlfriend in front of Big Ben he assumed that she lived in London, but in fact she had just spent the first days of the holidays there. And because he started the conversation in English she assumed that he lived in an English-speaking country. Both were obviously so drunken of love that they didn’t notice that they were living in the same area, the address she gave him was in Stetten and not in the city of Sutton like he thought. After everything was clear my friend´s cousin as well as his girlfriend couldn’t imagine how they didn’t notice it. But both agreed with the fact that love can blur your senses.
In the end his girlfriend decided to meet him in Sutton and they spend the rest of the holidays in London. They know now that not everything which seems obvious in the internet is so obvious and if they have to communicate now, they prefer to do it in real-life.